Growth at Teko

Our Core Values


Leveraging innovation and disruptive technology in products and services to improve client experience.


Connect employees to the organization's purpose with authenticity and clarity to achieve synergy and moving forward.


Prioritizing to create an ideal environment for our people to grow professionally.


Transparency in business, administration & policies for employees and customers.


Having a mindset of learning, sharing and common benefit for each individual.





Growth at Teko

People are our greatest asset. We strive to help everyone grow via a well-defined career ladder.

While each are unique in their contribution, our engineers are together encouraged to live up to the standards of Impacts - Challenges - Leadership - Community.

Clear Corporate Ladder

At Teko we aim to facilitate conversations about career advancement between engineers and their managers.

Each employee will be mapped, based on their skill set and impact, to one of 9 levels in their job track, from which they are encouraged to develop and improve personally while pursuing advancement through the levels in their job track, and then to progress towards specialization or management.