How we hire

Becoming a Tekoer in four steps




    Qualification Test





This is the first piece of information we’ll see about you, so highlight your achievements. Here’s how to frame them:

  • Keep your resume to one page and should be grammar error free: Your goal is to write clear, well-structured sentences that explain the depth of your experience.
  • Writing a Summary Section With Purpose
  • Clearly list relevant technology skills
  • Keep your experience Results-oriented, Relevant, Cohesive. State not only what you did, but what you achieved by what you did, framing it in terms of numbers
  • Add Projects section to your resume if you have major achievements that are related to the job.
  • If you've had a leadership role, tell us about it. How big was the team? What was the scope of your work?

Our recruiters will screen your resume and find the match with the job you applied. If your profile is qualified, they’ll schedule a call to learn more about your skills and experience. Bring your questions—this is your opportunity to learn more about the role and our chance to hear more about you.

If there's no current match available, they’ll make a note to follow up with you about future opportunities.

Now you seem to be a potential candidate, let's move to your next step: Qualification Test!


Yes, you can apply for multiple openings that strongly match to your specific skills and work experience. You will be evaluated against the requirements for each role and may interview for different roles at the same time.

We will assist you in finding the most suitable position in one of our offices in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

We do have an employee referral program and encourage you to reach out to any friends who work at Teko so that they can submit your information.

You can visit how we hire to learn more about the interview process with us.